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Welcome to
EXTREME POWDER COATING  of Twinsburg Ohio, home of Northeast Ohio's only fuWe powder car rims in any color!lly enclosed powder coating spray booth and your choice for precision powder coating.

There IS more to powder coating rims than just spraying on some color. How the part is hung, cleaned, masked and even cured is just as important for the finished product as the actual color application.

And utilizing our fully enclosed, fully filtered powder coating spray booth ensures your powder coating finish is dirt and debri free, giving you the smooth and creamy finish that you expect.

At EXTREME, we don't cut corners. We only offer very high end, perfect powder coating we think our customers expect. Period! Our 15,000 square foot powder coating business is dedicated to ensure the finest, most durable finish possible.

***If you wouldn't wet paint in an unfiltered spray booth, why would you powder coat in one?!




 What questions should you ask your Powder coater:

Do you sand blast? We do!
We sand blasting all rims. This is essential for maximum powder adhesion. Other shops try to skimp here, but skimping will simply lead to poor powder coat adhesion and premature powder coating failure.

After sand blasting, do you iron phosphate ? We do!
All sand blast media is contaminated with grease and grime from the previous customers dirty parts that end up on your parts. We wash all rims after sand blast in our high pressure, heat activated chemical wash system to remove impurities that end up on your parts during sand blasting. These impurities prevent proper adhesion and lead to premature powder co
at failure.

Do you prevent pin holes? We do!
This step we call pin hole preventer. Pin holes look like thousands of very small white dots all over the surface finish of your parts. Without our un
ique pin hole preventer process, pin holes are likely to occur.

Do you have an enclosed spray booth? We do!
Our 10' x 10' x 23' long powder coating spray booth has front doors equipped with filters to prevent contaminated air from ever reaching your
parts, ensuring a perfect powder coating finish...each and every time! Only a completely filtered spray booth can offer the filtered air and the perfect finish you expect. Other powder coating shops actually powder coat using only a metal roof or even simply against the wall! Really!

Do you have a powder coating oven? We do!
Now your rims are rolled into our 10' x 10' x 23' long curing oven.

Although temperatures vary per powder coating manufacturer, 400 degrees is a typical power coating curing temperature.

Our oven is also equipped with fans to eliminate hot and cold spots within the oven. This ensures a more accurate cure at the proper temperature and ensures proper bonding.

Don't settle for any powder coater...go to the EXTREME!


Our Location: Our Twinsburg Ohio welding, fabricating and powder coating shop is centrally located in Northeast Ohio, only minutes from Akron, Canton, Cleveland and Medina.  Streetsboro, Bedford  Ohio. We are only .7 miles from the I-480 and Rt. 82 exit. We service Cuyahoga County, Geauga County, Summit County, Medina County, Portage County and Stark County!

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